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Claims Management

Honest appraisal, strategic guidance and the preparation of time and cost entitlement documentation that is technically, legally and commercially accurate.

Systech is a leading global claims consultancy and clients can be confident that we have the professionalism and expertise to look after their interests.

Adopting the correct strategy is the mainstay of a successful claim. We draw on our wealth of experience to offer strategic guidance that is focused on the provable issues and to prepare documentation that is technically, legally and commercially accurate.

Clients are given an honest appraisal of their contractual and commercial position and we do not embark on a process until all the risks and benefits have been considered. We will provide recommendations on how our client’s specific claim objectives can be achieved and prepare a schedule of activities, with resources and completion dates, to give the client visibility of progress.

Claims are often complex and we are able to use our in-house visualisations service to demonstrate the main issues using animations, video and graphics to aid communication with the key decision makers.

 Services provided for claims for the recovery of additional costs include

  • Strategic advice and options
  • Analysis of contractual terms and conditions
  • Review tender pricing, rates and productivity
  • Analysis of actual time spent, costs incurred and achieved productivity
  • Analysis of facts and evidence including records and notices
  • Identify contractual route to recovery
  • Prepare cause and effect analysis
  • Quantum calculations and supporting evidence
  • Recovery of disruption costs
  • Preparation, presentation and negotiation of claim

 Services provided for extension of time claims include:

  • Strategic advice and options
  • Recommendation of delay analysis methodology
  • Identification of planned programme and critical path
  • Analysis of revised/updated/as-built programmes and reasons for change
  • Inspection of records and notices
  • Forensic delay analysis
  • Acceleration programmes and agreements
  • Preparation, presentation and negotiation of claim

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